Letters to the Editor

We need more green spaces

We can do better — much better — by green space in our community. Parks ought to be a priority in our community for children, for everyone. They haven’t been these past few years.

In Miami-Dade we have just 2.8 acres of green space per 1,000 residents. The national figure at 12.4 acres per 1,000 residents is more than four times ours.

Since 2008, our parks system has been cut significantly. There are now 400 fewer full-time staff compared to 2008 — plus the unspent millions of dollars in unfunded needs and deferred maintenance. That means deteriorating infrastructure, unkempt lawns, bathrooms closed on weekends and diminished programming to meet the needs of the more than half-million children and youth in our community.

We deserve world-class, safe, well-maintained modern parks.

The Miami-Dade mayor and county commissioners have the chance to make real park progress in this summer’s budget deliberations. The people of Miami-Dade deserve no less.

David Lawrence Jr.,

Coral Gables