Letters to the Editor

Allow Uber to operate

Some friends and I recently reserved a cab to take me to the Fort Lauderdale Airport early in the morning.

When the driver was more than 15 minutes late, I called the cab company whose dispatcher was no help at all. I called a different company, but the number went to the same dispatcher! Eventually, three cabs showed up 40 minutes late. Two of the drivers were very angry.

A week later, I nearly died in the cab on the way back home as the driver ignored our pleas to slow down. In contrast, I recently used Uber to get across town for dinner, and was pleasantly surprised by the clean car and polite driver.

Taxi companies in South Florida have faced very little competition and individual drivers have virtually no incentive to provide quality customer service. It’s time for us to open the industry and allow Uber to operate in Miami-Dade County.

Scott Bracken-Tripp, North Miami