Letters to the Editor

Racism exposed

Re Kitty Dumas’ June 28 Other Views article, ‘Never!’ falls by the wayside across the Confederacy: Dumas expresses an opinion shaped in part by her personal, sometimes tumultuous, history as a black woman born and educated in Mississippi.

As a black man, my view has always been that those who openly displayed the Confederate flag were successfully sending me the message that I was not welcome in their towns, businesses or even in their company.

Many of my experiences have revealed that I was indeed fortunate to have received those early-warning signals well in advance of probable conflicts.

Dumas’ perspective is thought-provoking, and it led me to examine the potential self-inflicted damage I continue to create by embracing some of my very own archaic symbols and ideas.

I am saddened by the tragedy in Charleston that has caused our nation to engage in an open dialogue about this particular symbol, yet thankful for the opportunity to expose the entrenched racial hatred in America to the cathartic light of day.

Evan Forde, Miami