Letters to the Editor

Informant in case

As the subject of the Sept. 14 article Was Miami-Dade lobbyist a ‘patriot’ or ‘snitch’ in FBI sting of local politicians?, I express my gratitude to all who approached me with encouraging comments. I’m appreciative and humbled by the praise. I didn’t ask for or seek this attention — I intended to maintain my confidential status. I’m also honored to have been of a member of the team that developed and implemented many operations, including the one that lead to the arrests of two sitting mayors, a first in our history.

I’ve been asked by many, “Why did you do it?” The answer is simple: I was asked. I was raised that if asked to help your country, your answer is always, “When do I start?” I finally spoke to the press because I want to encourage all Americans to speak up when you know of a wrong.

You don’t need to assist in an operation or wear a wire. All you need do is inform local authorities or the local FBI office. Whether it is providing a tip of suspicious activity pertaining to public corruption, a crime or terrorism, it is your duty as an American.

Michael Kesti, Palmetto Bay