Letters to the Editor

Nurturing future workforce

A key to improving our public schools is helping school principals develop the leadership skills often found in successful CEOs. In South Florida, Executive PASS© partners business executives with principals to help them build those skills.

Executives contribute their talents and leadership strategies to support school leaders and help their schools get better on every level. They also donate resources to motivate parents and students and build school spirit.

The Council for Educational Change, a nonprofit organization, is helping create these partnerships across Florida because principals can’t do it alone. It works. Miami Parking Authority CEO Art Noriega can attest to the successful team effort that helped a Miami high school in a low-income neighborhood become an A school after being an F/D school for 14 years.

The private sector is making a profound and immediate impact in our schools. By helping students receive a good education, local business leaders are helping to end the cycle of poverty and ensure the American workforce of the future will be prepared to earn — and excel.

Charles Blumenkamp, Weston