Letters to the Editor

Relocating the Youth Fair

I was upset and disappointed to read that $5 million in funding for FIU’s expansion plans was vetoed by Gov. Rick Scott.

Florida’s legislators, especially the Miami-Dade delegation, know how important it is for our community’s and our state’s prosperity to allow FIU to expand to the 64 acres currently occupied by the Fair. This expansion will mean 1,000 more and better jobs for Miami-Dade County by 2020, a $900 million investment in construction, as well as an initial economic impact of $1.8 billion and an additional annual recurring economic impact of $541 million, above the $8.9 billion impact FIU already has.

Even though this year’s allocation of $5 million was vetoed, FIU, the Fair and the county will continue to move forward in finding a site for the Fair to relocate and finalize the costs associated with that site.

This initiative has momentum, and we cannot allow this veto to get in the way of progress.

Eduardo Hondal, Miami