Letters to the Editor

MDX’s highway robbery

There needs to be some rebuttal to Javier Rodriguez’s June 19 comments about MDX. It’s hard to detect any improvements made to state roads 874 and 878 where no tolls existed before to justify not one, but two tolls, adding to the cost of a daily commute to Metrorail stations.

Additionally, why is it that one pays 70 cents every few miles on 836 and then must pay an additional toll to exit 836 on Northwest 27 Avenue? This is highway robbery!

Nobody mentions that traffic originating in Kendall must also pay a $1.04 turnpike toll, followed by $2.10 one way, resulting in a daily charge of $6.28 round-trip. No wonder MDX revenue for 2015 is expected to be up 120 percent to $345,000 daily, per the June 6 article, #Toll shock. I feel sorry for commuters from Homestead paying tolls that recently doubled on the turnpike and the new high 836/878/874 tolls.

For MDX to impose such pricy tolls, especially when 836 is such an abominable mess of construction, is unconscionable. I have been creative in avoiding 836 tolls and find the ride much more pleasant on the surface streets.

Cynthia da Silva Cassidy, Miami