Letters to the Editor

Reckless driving

Re the Oct. 1 article Conviction tossed in fatal Miami-Dade car wreck: An appeals court threw out the conviction of driver who crashed into a vehicle on the Tamiami Trail, killing an passenger.

Luis Luzardo, returning home from Shark Valley, was traveling at 83.9 miles per hour. A group of tourists from the United Kingdom were in a rented vehicle heading west, turning into one of the few tourist attractions left on this part of the trail.

As the tourist was turning, she spotted this speeding vehicle heading toward her and abruptly stopped. The speed limit is 55 miles per hour. Luzardo was traveling almost 30 miles over the limit. At that speed, it only takes a moment for a mistake to turn into a disaster, and it did.

Tourists pull into the few attractions left in this area and they slow down for alligators, snakes and other animals crossing. I cannot fathom how the court could decide that this man was not driving recklessly.

Alan Rigerman, Palm Springs North