Letters to the Editor

Leadership gap

Who among us wouldn’t rather have Saddam Hussein back taking responsibility for his own country and warring with his neighbors in the Middle East to keep everybody in check?

Wouldn’t we rather have back the thousands of dead and mutilated American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of collateral victims — to say nothing of the many trillions of U.S. tax dollars?

Wouldn’t it be better than the situation that we have now that forces us to go back and clean up the mess that we now own?

I think President Obama gets it, but he has caved in to the right that likes to brandish American military might to keep the world in order. We should be wholeheartedly cooperating with and accepting the help of influential countries in the Middle East, such as Iran and Syria, to bring about their brand of Middle Eastern stability.

Perhaps the Middle Eastern nations don’t want democracy as Western nations know it. Perhaps they know best how to govern their people. After all, they have been at it a long time. If not Bashir Assad, then who?

June Frost,

Coral Gables