Letters to the Editor

My husband’s death

My life and both of my daughters’ lives were forever changed on Jan. 21, 2015 when my husband, Walter Reyes, 59. was killed on the Rickenbacker Causeway while riding his bicycle.

He followed all safety precautions and made sure that everyone riding with him did, too. It made no difference. He is now gone, which has left a gaping hole in our lives. It’s impossible to conceive that two years ago Aaron Cohen was killed on the same stretch of road, and little has changed to make the path safer.

Our city, which has signs boasting, Island Paradise, at the entrance to Key Biscayne seems to be anti-cyclist. People tell me that cyclists should stay off the roads if they value their lives. Communities across the country are championing the benefits of building better bike lanes. The safety of our citizens must be a top priority.

My daughters and I implore elected officials to take action now before more lives are lost. Please let my husband be the last one.

Maribel Reyes, Miami