Letters to the Editor

U.S. needs Huntsman

The time has come for Americans to forget about party, ideology, and self interests, and elect a leader whose first priority is to bring us together and one who has the leadership skills to do so.

We have become a house divided, and this more than anything else endangers this great nation.

Where do we find such an individual?

The GOP had a candidate who could accomplish this formidable task in 2011, but he was cast aside for being too moderate.

His name was Jon Huntsman.

He was an outstanding governor, has experience in foreign policy and the private sector, and also offers sound plans for healthcare, tax reform, term limits, and lobbying restrictions.

He was the most qualified candidate to come along in decades.

Huntsman is a man for all seasons, and the GOP would be wise to revisit his potential for becoming president.

I firmly believe the former Utah governor and ambassador to China is just what the nation needs.

Richard Dellerson, Fort Lauderdale