Letters to the Editor

A clear thinker

Rewriting the past letter-writer Arthur Arnau describes himself as a Tallahassee legislative aide during Charlie Crist’s first term as governor. He cites Crist’s voting record during that tenure, from 2007-2011. What voting was that? Yes, Crist voted as a Florida senator in the 1990s, when Arnau worked here in Miami for disgraced Commissioner Bruce Kaplan. Crist hasn’t served in a voting position since he left the Senate in 1999, and certainly not while Arnau was a legislative aide in Tallahassee.

I didn’t vote for Crist in 2006, but became pleasantly surprised when his decisions seemed to be based on what was clearly “the right thing,” regardless of the position of Republican Party. These included environmental and education measures, and then his endorsement of President Obama’s stimulus package. I didn’t always agree with him, but it was clear that he thought carefully and independently.

Crist is not attempting to rewrite the past, but rather to write the future with a thoughtful pen.

John Kramel, Miami