Letters to the Editor

My dad, a hero

The man’s name was Bill. As was the case with many thousands of small business owners, he was forced to close his business in the Great Depression of 1929.

For those of you who did not live through those times, it was a period when factories closed, homes and farms were foreclosed, millions of people were out of work and we did not have the support system we have today to help those unemployed. If you had money you lost it when the banks failed; there was no government guarantee.

With a family to support, Bill took whatever work he could find. That often meant long hours and low pay; he was always one unexpected bill away from financial Armageddon. With all these financial pressures he was not an angry or bitter man. He had a warm smile and when he laughed every fiber in his body laughed. Bill was a man of great character, integrity and was always the first to lend a helping hand.

To the world Bill was ordinary. To me he was a giant, a hero, and my father.

I’m a very proud son.

Ronald J. Trazenfeld, Miami