Letters to the Editor

Guns in church

The gun smoke hasn’t cleared and already our president and his party are calling for more gun control, conveniently ignoring the fact that this shooting might have been deterred or mitigated if it had not been voluntarily designated a “gun-free zone.”

In South Carolina it is legal to carry a firearm in church, if there is permission from the church.

Thankfully, Florida has no such restriction. I always carry concealed in church. I am enthusiastically supported and encouraged in this by my pastor. Moreover, as an NRA certified instructor, I have given him the required course for a concealed weapons permit and offered it to any elder or deacon in the church.

Christ is the shepherd. But every flock needs sheepdogs. I’m one of those — and I’m not alone. Denying this right will only encourage more acts of violence.

Jim Kononoff, Coral Gables