Letters to the Editor

Miami warmth?

As a native Miamian since 1942, I still can’t help saying hello and giving a smile to everyone I meet while walking along or riding on the buses and trolleys. The receiver of my friendly human contact is either surprised, not interested, too preoccupied or won't make eye contact. However, the ones that do respond are so pleased to return the friendly gesture. They’re almost starved for it.

I travel a lot to visit friends that have moved to central Florida and Georgia and these small communities are like going to a different planet. Restaurants are filled with people, laughing, talking, happy and when walking there’s always a smile, a hello, and a God bless you if you sneeze. Pedestrians always are given right of way, no honking of horns or impatience. No rudeness.

What happened here in good old “Miama,” as the previous generation before me called it? Being friendly, smiling, and caring can be catchy; let's all go for it, life is short!

Lucita Moran, Miami