Letters to the Editor

Dade Medical’s defense

Ernesto Perez’s June 12 letter, Dade Medical College provides quality education, left me speechless.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

He complains that his school is a victim of reckless and unwarranted attacks by the Miami Herald and, rather, performs a community service.

But he left out that his nursing programs have been put on probation by the Florida Board of Nursing and have been unable to show adequate improvement in the allotted time period.

He doesn’t discuss how many students fail the NCLEX, the exam to obtain a nursing license.

He doesn’t address the lives that have been ruined by the promise of a great job, only to be saddled by enormous loans from the federal government that they may never be able to repay.

Mr. Perez would rather take aim at Miami Dade College and its nursing program, which has an excellent track record in preparing nurses without the aid of huge federal loans.

Ann-Lynn Denker, Miami