Letters to the Editor

Red-light camera blues

In Kathleen Parker’s Sept. 29 screed against traffic cameras, Cry, you’re on hidden traffic camera, she says that the red-light and speed cameras “violate her sense of fair play” by not having an actual human being issuing the ticket.

What about the reckless drivers who violate innocent drivers’ rights by using their vehicles to kill and maim thousands each year? Parker should get used to appearing on cameras. They are everywhere: Banks, grocery stores, malls and even city streets. It makes sense to have this technology assist police in enforcing traffic laws so they can use personnel in other capacities.

It has been shown that once drivers become aware of cameras, their driving behavior changes. I imagine that Parker will drive more carefully in the future.

As far as her need for a compassionate human to whom she can explain her reason for speeding, I suggest she tell it to the judge. If she doesn’t want to be featured in a future video or pay citations, she should simply obey traffic regulations.

Phyllis Levy, Miami