Letters to the Editor

Keep out of Iraq

More news of Iraq, none of it good. The United States is considering sending another 1,000 troops there to train additional Iraqi Army personnel. Is there any reason, after all the years of training that the United States has already provided, that they can’t now train their own troops? Are they really so inept?

The United States has been in many military conflicts over the years, and once our people are trained they, in turn, train others. The soldiers of the Iraqi Army can’t do this?

We train them, supply them with billions of dollars of military equipment and, when they are confronted by a much-smaller force, they abandon their posts and equipment, which is then used by the enemy against the government.

What’s the answer? Easy, do the same thing all over again. Just ask some of the folks running for president.

John R. Schuller, Fort Lauderdale