Letters to the Editor

Letter: Universal healthcare doesn’t include medical liability costs

Healthcare costs are once again being discussed as candidates are trying to figure out how to make healthcare plans affordable. “Experts”, such as Michael Moore, tell us that most Westernized countries have universal healthcare at significantly less cost than we are projecting, and have better healthcare. However, one large expense they do not have is the constant threat of malpractice suits hanging over the doctors’ heads.

To protect themselves, doctors] they have to employ “defensive medicine,” which necessitates countless otherwise unnecessary tests and hospital admissions. The Doctors need to not only diagnose what the patient’s problem is, but also need to prove the absence of a whole host of other conditions, unrelated to the problem at hand, that may or may not pop up in the next few years, or else a malpractice suit is filed for “missing the diagnosis.”

These extra expenses add 20-25 percent% to the cost of medical care, a problem that no other country has. We don’t hear about terrible “botched” care in these other countries. The parasitic attorneys will lie and claim that these expenses are only 2-3 percent% of healthcare costs, because they only add up the cost of malpractice insurance and the judgment awards. They conveniently omit the defensive medicine costs.

The healthcare dollar has to support doctors, nurses, hospitals and other healthcare workers, but cannot support malpractice attorneys. They do not protect us. They only pretend to as they suck up our money. The Other countries do fine without them. Let them earn an honest living like the rest of us. If we want healthcare to be affordable, we must eliminate such huge causes of wasted resources. It is time to deal with this problem once and for all.

There are other ways to deal with substandard and inappropriate medical care and malpractice.

Ira Jacobson,

Coral Gables