Letters to the Editor

Build a smaller museum

Re the June 7 story Braman taking hits for ICA bid, about Norman Braman’s effort to rezone land in historic Buena Vista East: The Institute of Contemporary Art can build its new home without a zoning change — it just can’t be as big as they’d like.

Local residents are not opposed to the construction of a museum in the Design District. The problem is that Braman seems to be using his political connections in the city to push through his 70-foot, modernist dream at the expense of good urban planning.

That the city of Miami has signed on to this flawed application is a disgrace. It recalls Richard Pettigrew’s May 28 Other Views article about the city’s habit of favoring pet projects over the public interest. The City Commission has the right and responsibility to uphold the zoning code and to require that the ICA be built in a way that respects its neighbors. To do less will appear to be favoritism born of political influence.

Wendy Stephan, Miami