Letters to the Editor

Eliminate tax loopholes

Re the Sept. 28 Other Views column GOP must reassure the uneasy middle class: Helen Aguirre Ferré seems to think that high U.S. corporate taxes, the “highest among industrialized nations,” are the reason corporations only offer part-time work and wages are stagnant.

She neglects to mention that while corporate taxes are high, many pay no taxes at all because of loopholes in the tax law.

Corporations are sitting on billions of dollars in profits, yet refuse to hire. This helps to pad the salaries of executives and shareholder profits.

Eliminate tax loopholes for corporations and then, perhaps, we can discuss lowering the corporate tax rate.

As for Jeb Bush becoming the GOP savior, I think his mother said it all when she said that America doesn’t need more Bushes in the White House.

Tim Turman, Cutler