Letters to the Editor

Provide tools for kids

Broward County resident should vote Yes on Nov. 4 to reauthorize the Children’s Services Council. I didn’t know that much about the council until it became a ballot item.

Now I know that it is the single largest contributor to children’s programs in Broward County. Programs such as the YMCA, Early Learning Coalition, Kids in Distress, Hispanic Unity, JAFCO and many others receive critical funding from the Children’s Services Council.

I have spent a good part of my summer working with other community leaders to raise money and awareness to make sure we get a Yes vote in November. I understand the vital role the council plays in our community in getting kids ready for school.

Kids are given the tools they need for reading and writing at an early age so that they have a chance to succeed through education.

As a business executive, this is what our business community needs — children who grow up with the proper skills to become members of the workforce and the leaders of tomorrow.

James Donnelly, Fort Lauderdale