Letters to the Editor

Deutch: Sen. Rubio warns of divisiveness, yet he blinds himself to Trump’s rhetoric | Letter

Re the Oct. 7 Miami Herald story, “Rubio warns the divided flow of information is threatening democracy in the U.S.:” Sen. Marco Rubio lamented divisions in media and culture that produce “a world where people might be neighbors and live in two separate universes.”

Unfortunately, Sen. Rubio has deepened the divide by refusing to condemn the misinformation and dangerous rhetoric President Trump deployed in response to the impeachment inquiry — claims of a coup, accusations of treason, and warnings of civil war.

There is only one universe of facts.

President Trump admitted that he asked the Ukrainian president to investigate a political rival and then publicly doubled down on his request for foreign interference in our 2020 election.

By using the Office of the Presidency to pressure foreign leaders to assist his re-election campaign, President Trump threatens our national security and the core values that should be at the center of our foreign policy.

By suggesting that we “wait for all of the information to come forward,” Sen. Rubio ignores the Trump administration’s obstruction of congressional efforts to obtain those facts.

And when Sen. Rubio minimizes the president’s glaring abuse of office as “needling the press,” he carelessly suggests the president’s words have no meaning.

The problem isn’t that Americans are living in “two separate universes.”

It is that people like Sen. Rubio are helping President Trump attempt to create one where he can never be held accountable.

U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch,

Florida’s 22nd Congressional District