Letters to the Editor

Letter: This is why our country needs immigrants

We live in a great country, probably the greatest country ever. But this did not happen by accident. Rather, many people contributed, sacrificed, and prayed for this country to become what it is today.

Probably the single most important contribution to our country has been our diversity. No other country in the world is as diverse as ours. Diversity is our strength. We need to do everything possible to keep our country strong and our economy flourishing.Immigration is the key to our continued success.

The data is clear: Our domestic fertility has been declining over recent decades. Clearly, we cannot force women to have more children. Rather, the source of the labor, at all levels and in every sector will be immigration.

A 2017 CBS News report discussed the impact of immigrants on the U.S. economy. The report cites that immigrants are engaged in the labor force at a rate slightly higher than native-born Americans. In addition, immigrants earn less than native-born workers.

The U.S. Labor Department data show that more educated immigrants earn more than similar American-born workers. Immigrants own more businesses than the American-born population. Further, immigrants start businesses and create thousands of jobs at a greater rate than the native-born population. Immigrants who have founded businesses here have continually become more important to our economy over the years.

Our country should be recruiting immigrants just to save our country, save our economy. Erecting barriers to new immigrants is clearly self-defeating and should be stopped immediately. It would be irresponsible to do otherwise. Failure to do so would just ensure more hardship for all of us and for our country. We all need to do the right thing, now.

Paul C. Hunt,

South Miami