Letters to the Editor

Letter: Trump’s and Biden’s actions are not equal

Re the Sept. 27 op-ed column “Joe Biden has some questions to answer, too”: Jay Ambrose is just another right wing apologist.

There seems to be nothing right-wing politicians do — no matter how blatantly wrong — for which he does not have a convoluted and misleading retort equating actions of left-wing actors where there is no equivalence.

He asserts that Joe Biden is, like Donald Trump, threatened by “the Ukrainian mess.” He then takes a pot shot atpresidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, calling her“an extreme, socialistically inspired enemy of capitalism and lover of major, liberty-devouring spending programs that would wreck our economy.”


Ambrose notes the former vice president’s son parlayed his “interesting” last name into riches, so is somehow suspect.

He then suggests that Joe Biden influenced the termination of a corrupt prosecutor tied to the former government’s pro-Russian president, as part of the Obama administration’s efforts to reduce corruption in the new Ukrainian state.

He suggests this is equivalent to Trump (and attorney Rudy Giuliani and Attorney Beneral William Barr) influencing the Ukrainian president to investigate the Bidens in the run-up to our 2020 presidential election.

Several investigations have turned up zero evidence of ill-intent by Joe Biden.

Yet in the intervening years since the alleged wrongdoing, the matter was off Trump’s radar until Biden jumped in the race.

Timothy W. Harrington,