Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Behind bars

Many years ago, so the legend goes, a man by the named of Diogenes carried a lantern wherever he ventured.

He was desperately trying to find an honest man.

Today, our nation is in crisis and we need to identify who among our current politicians is honest.

If Trump is the benchmark, that goal should be relatively easy.

His modus operandi is to fabricate a story, such as the “birther” tale, repeat it ad infinitum, and then say lots of people think it’s true, without any evidence whatsoever.

Throughout the ages, civilizations have adapted various ways of dealing with lying, cheating and the dishonest use of power.

The French made good use of the guillotine.

The Bolsheviks eliminated the czar and his entire family.

Italian patriots strung up Mussolini and his wife.

I look forward to the day when Donald Trump ends up in prison, where he belongs, in an orange jumpsuit.

Paul Irgang,

Coral Gables

Forked road

With the election of Donald Trump, many Republicans were forced to abandon their long-held beliefs and accept his views or risk the prospect of losing their status.

The opportunity to vote for his impeachment is an opportunity for long-time Republicans to take their party back.

It will be interesting to see which path they take.

Art Young,

West Kendall

Inquiry aids Trump

The Democrats are making an egregious error if they proceed with their impeachment inquiry.

While the House will no doubt support the effort, it but they will never get 67 senators to vote to convict the president.

Therefore, this futile effort will only serve to galvanize the president’s supporters to rally to his defense next year at the polls. It will serve as his battle cry.

The Democrats would be much better off if they were to merely allow the election to take place without this act as it has no chance of succeeding. The impeachment inquiry will only be detrimental to their the Democrats’ cause.

They will be handing the president his second term right now if they continue along on this path.

Douglas Reese,

Palmetto Bay

Booby prize?

President Trump is afraid that he will be unjustly snubbed by the Nobel [Peace] Prize committee.

Just because he has agitated and denigrated most countries in the world, insulted prime ministers, told a lie a day and goosed women at Mar-a-Lago are no reasons to disqualify him.

But being a boor and poor at his job are!

Sid Morris,

West Kendall

Marine Corps ball

As a former member of the 4th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company 4th (ANGLICO) (12yrs) and a first sergeant who coordinated had to coordinate numerous Marine Corps balls over the years with other units, maybe [the Miami Herald] you should help the reserve unit find a venue for its their birthday celebration.

This is an important annual event You may not know how important this event is to the Marines. , and that is understandable unless you have served. The Herald’s Sept. 24 story “After dreaming of Mar-a-Lago, Marine unit scrambles to find new venue for annual ball” Your so called “breaking” story did nothing but politicize something that is not political. to the Marines you hurt.

They are police officers, firefighters, small-business owners and even lawyers, judges I would not be surprised if you had one or two worked at the Herald.

working for you. They are of all races and religions and even differing political views.

These Marines that serve with 4th ANGLICO are a part of the your community.

1stSgt (Ret.) Maurice Huffman, USMCR

✔Ridgway, CO

Child arrest

Florida sends police officers to be trained in Israel.

Israeli soldiers arrest Palestinian children all the time, without a parent (let alone a lawyer), make them sign confessions in a language they do not understand, try them in military courts with a conviction rate of almost 100 percent%, and imprison them in places where their parents cannot visit. them.

So why should we be surprised when Florida cops arrest little children?

Elizabeth Block,


Saving the Earth

As a 12-year-old girl, I am so proud of Greta Thunberg.

I’m so happy that a young girl is leading the climate change movement.

On Sept. 23, she Yesterday, Greta Thunberg delivered a powerful speech at the United Nations to highlight how our environment is being harmed by our actions.

It is important that everyone unite and take action against littering, pollution, wasting of electricity, etc.

We must act now to help protect animal species and to keep our Earth clean.

The planet does not have infinite resources, and we must conserve and protect what we have.

My faith Islam urges to help Saving and preserving the environment is as a moral obligation.

I hope that our leaders will unite to take action before it’s too late.

Sophia Mahmood,


Dinosaurs still rule

Not everyone remembers the past. And, as the saying goes, those who forget it are doomed to repeat it.

Without the Watergate impeachment proceedings being shown on television, public opinion of Richard Nixon’s crimes would never have changed and provided the impetus for his resignation.

And without those televised hearings, the public would have never seen the leadership of true patriots: Sen. Sam Ervin and Rep. Peter Rodino.

What the news stations should do now is replay some of those hearings and require Republicans, including Sens. Lindsay Graham and “Moscow” Mitch [McConnell, to sit and watch.

It is disappointing that those two dinosaurs — and Nancy Pelosi — who are all old enough to have been there, have forgotten the meaning of true patriotism.

Harry Turk,


Time to impeach

The time has come to admit that the sitting president is not worthy of the office he was elected to hold.

He has blatantly lies, every week, has conspired to obstruct justice, ignored repeated requests for his tax returns, defamed and degraded women and now has, by his own admission, committed tried to get a foreign leader to denounce a political rival, Joe Biden.

In addition, it appears the president was trying to bribe Ukraine’s leader to incriminate Biden by through attempting to withhold aid to from Ukraine.

Enough is far too much. We need to impeach Donald J. Trump.

If we allow him to continue his course unbridled, our democracy and our values are at stake.

Sens. Marco Rubio and , Senator Rick Scott, and Congressman Ted Deutch must vote for impeachment proceedings to go forward.

Laurie Tanner,

Pompano Beach

Tall tales curated

One of the things I look forward to when our commander-in-chief leaves office is being able to visit the Trump Presidential Lie-brary.

Kenneth N. Kurtz,