Letters to the Editor

Letter: Frustrations aside, let’s support the Miami Marlins franchise

Re the Sept. 23 letter “Move the Marlins:” In reference to Randy Koper’s opinion piece “Move the Marlins” in the Monday 9/23 issue, I sympathize and understand the frustration with the management of the team, their record, and the disappointing fire sales of players, most recently Christian Yelich and Giancarlo Stanton. I fully get it. , Mr. Koper.

But I also blame the people of this town who are not showing up at all and not fully owning this team, which is the team we happen to have.

Yes, there are going to be frustrations at times. where Many teams have gone through the doldrums, but their fans have stuck by their side and still support them.

If you really love baseball, you will see we have the privilege of enjoying a major-league team in this town that we can watch, a team with our town’s name on it. Just enjoy the game.

If you are a real fan, you will stick with [the Marlins] them through thick and thin, like how a marriage should be.

Look at the Cubs fans. Or the Red Sox fans, enduring years of the Bambino curse. Why can Miami not be like this?

Many fans will turn out and fill Marlins Park for that International Baseball Classic every year, but will not come out and support their own home team.

Yeah I get it, the frustrations and such, but after awhile, it’s the fault of the people of Miami for not showing up and showing support.

After a while, stop complaining and just support your team and enjoy the sport for what it is, America’s great national pastime.

Paul E. Czekanski,

Cutler Bay