Letters to the Editor

Ticketing for pot

The June 6 column by Fabiola Santiago, Miami-Dade marijuana proposal a good start, makes a good point: Why criminalize small-time possession of marijuana?

I certainly don’t care about anyone else getting high — unless of course they crash into me. Not that people aren’t doing it already, but I would imagine decriminalization would cause an increase.

Alcohol can be detected by a Breathalyzer. Marijuana needs a blood test, which you can’t get unless there is bodily harm.

Our already-overcrowded roads have several accidents every day by people who flee because of fear of compounding their deed by DWI.

Marijuana doesn’t bother anyone unless you are the recipient of a 2000-pound hit driven by somebody on a buzz. Find a way to easily determine the physical state of an offending driver, with harsh appropriate punishment, when they choose to use an automobile as a lethal weapon.

Stan Smith,