Letters to the Editor

Rubio’s tickets no story

So Miami Herald’s June 6 front page had two stories about things that don’t exist. The first was the coverage of “Jim Leurs” the nonexistent U.S. official who, in a variety of nonexistent government roles, has provided nonexistent quotes relating to supposedly nonexistent investigations of Venezuelan government officials.

The second was simply about nonexistent news. Apparently the New York Times must have a large summer intern class with not much to do, so someone dug up Sen. Marco Rubio’s rather exemplary driving record and tried to create news from it.

So the Herald had no choice — and I do mean this — but to cover the fact that the Times chose to engage in such silly reporting. I’m not sure which story is more of a head scratcher, but I did enjoy laughing out loud over a cup of coffee.

Jose Sirven, Miami