Letters to the Editor

Column smears reputation of Miami’s Cuban Americans

Re In Fabiola Santiago’s Aug. 21 Miami Herald column, “Lt. Gov. Jeanette Núñez has forgotten the meaning of the accent, tilde in her name:” Ms. Santiago says that Núñez’s stances are part of “an ugly underbelly of racism in sectors of the Cuban community and a strain of arrogance and sense of supremacy over other groups, a perfect fit with Trumpian social engineering.”

Unfortunately, there might be racist and arrogant people in each and every one of the groups that make up the Miami population.

However, we at FACE (Facts About Cuban Exiles (FACE) condemn comments that besmirch the reputation of people of Cuban descent by repeating and reinforcing prejudices that have too often been directed at Cuban Americans.

We believe that A columnist has the right to criticize a political figure, but not by singling out sectors of a community in a way that strengthens the arguments that racists have used against that community — accusations that are highly unfair to the great majority of Cuban Americans.

FACE decries prejudice against any group and does not support those who attack people because they speak a different language or are of a different color, national origin or religion.

Many of our board members, in fact, have for decades donated to and/or participated actively in organizations that defend the rights of, and provide opportunities to, the most vulnerable people among us.

In addition, FACE has actively extended lines of communication to the whole community.

We are representative of the great majority of Cuban Americans.

Aida T. Levitan, chair,

Facts About Cuban Exiles,