Letters to the Editor

Praise for Herald’s coverage of Epstein pleases reader

I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, in a household that received both a morning and evening paper. I can still picture my father at the breakfast table reading the sports page and in the evening sitting in his favorite comfy chair pouring over the news of the day.

I truthfully cannot recall a day in my adult life that there hasn’t been a daily paper delivered to my door! For the past 30-plus years that paper has been my favorite by far — the Miami Herald. My grown children laugh and tell me to “get with it, Mom,” and join the now generation — but there is still nothing quite like settling down to read the printed word!

My desk drawers and file cabinets are literally stuffed with tips from Action Line, recipes from Linda Cicero, travel itineraries of Jane Wooldridge, parenting advice from John Rosemond, hilarious columns from Dave Barry, touching family stories of Ana Veciana-Suarez — the list goes on and on.

But nothing — nothing — has been more gratifying to me than the accolades that the Miami Herald has received this past week!

Compliments from all over the United States and from throughout the world for the Herald’s superior investigative reporting and follow-ups on the sordid Jeffrey Epstein story!

Thank you, thank you to Julie Brown and her team for exposing this dirt-bag and the sweet-heart deal that he received more than a decade ago!

I have two grown daughters and five granddaughters — the oldest is 14 — and just the mere thought of a Jeffrey Epstein type approaching one of them — it literally makes my stomach turn!

My hat is off to the Miami Herald and I implore it to please keep up the hard work and the pressure until Epstein and all of his cronies are behind bars, never again to prey on an innocent young girl!

Marlin Ebbert,

Coral Gables

Fight the power

A racist shows prejudice against people of other races or believes that a particular race is superior to another. Sound familiar?

Our country, founded and forged by a diversity of immigrants, the backbone of our strength, has a president who defines the description of a racist and acts accordingly. President Trump’s recent comments urging American citizens, elected by the people, to go back to where they came, because of their race, religion and ethnicity is reprehensible, reinforcing a history of sickening racist comments and actions.

How is it possible that Trump’s blatant and ongoing disrespect of the law, the Constitution, ethics, morality, gross fabrications and clear racism is unchecked by Americans elected to safeguard our country and its citizens of every religion, race and creed?

The Founding Fathers created a governance system to check and remove a president so flawed and unstable that his policies, actions and statements are significantly adverse to the country and all its citizens.

How much longer will it be before elected officials, sworn to defend the Constitution, take the lawful actions required to remove this unfit and disturbed person from office?

Mel Lowell, Parkland

Apollo 11 memories

Fifty years ago, I had the privilege of experiencing the launch of Apollo 11 up close as the passenger in the co-pilot seat of a single-engine high-performance Mooney Ranger piloted by my friend, Frank Wood. Three experiences from that flight were seared in my memory forever.

First, we departed from Miami International Airport, with an Eastern Airlines 727 in front of us and a Delta DC-8 on our tail, among other large commercial aircraft. Today, this would not be allowed.

Next, after a short and safe flight to the renamed Cape Kennedy, I focused my attention on spotting U.S. Air Force Sabre jets, presumably with full armament, that were maintaining the three-mile limit from the launch site, as well as looking for several other private aircraft.

Finally, we listened to the countdown to what today is considered by some historians to be the most significant event of the 20th century. Then there was a tremendous explosion, which made our aircraft vibrate more than three miles away. My first thought was that something went horribly wrong. However, the rocket was soon displaying its beautiful trail on the way to history.

David M. Ligerman,

Coconut Grove

Gray area

The Herald Editorial Board has no problem with violent, undocumented criminals being hauled off but draws the line at law-abiding families having their years-long existence in America end so abruptly — even though they are here illegally — in violation of the law.

Should, therefore, millions of native-born Americans, members of law-abiding families, be able to pick and choose a law they can violate with impunity?

If not, why not?

Don McCartney,

Palmetto Bay

We are home

I am a Muslim American woman and I am proud of my identity.

President Trump’s remarks, telling Congresswomen to “go back” to the place they came from, cannot make us feel un-American. Neither the president nor anyone else in his administration can do anything to shake my confidence in my identity or sense of belonging. In fact, the racist remarks only strengthen my resolve to take more pride in my identity.

America is built on the backs of immigrants, and we continue to make this place better and stronger. It is time the president and his followers start embracing that fact.

We are not going anywhere. This is as much of a home to us as it is to him.

Huma Munir, Miami

Under construction

While Trump was constructing buildings, he paid no attention to whether or not the workers were illegal immigrants.

Why has he changed?

Renee Roberts,

Fort Lauderdale

Another one gone

So, U.S. Labor Secretary Alex Acosta joins the ever-growing list of Cabinet members in ithe Trump administration who have resigned.

It’s a shame that the reasons for these resignations generally fall into one of two categories: unprincipled behavior of their own doing or their refusal to condone the unprincipled behavior of the geniuses in the White House.

Rosa Osborne,

Pembroke Pines

If I had a hammer

Home construction is faltering because more workers are needed. Hotels can’t find enough help. Farmers are having trouble harvesting their crops.

We are getting older and we need help taking care of ourselves. There are millions of jobs we can’t fill. Social Security is running out of money. We need more workers to pay into it.

Meanwhile, there are millions of willing workers waiting at our border who would be happy to pay Social Security.

John B. McCaughan,

Miami Shores

Puerto Rico scandal

I worked under the administration of then-Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Rosselló, from 1992-2000. He is the father of the current governor.

I, too, am ashamed by the language used by the son, Ricardo, in his profane internet chat. However, I don’t think he should resign. I differ with the activists who have expressed concern over the impact of this scandal on the island’s reputation.

The fiscal and political stewardship of the taxpayers’ money by the previous administration, under Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla, have helped sink the island’s public profile more than this scandal.

Gene Roman, Bronx, NY

Never again

What world leader, other than President Trump, has ever so explicitly called for the expulsion of its own citizens?

Oh, yeah, that would be Hitler.

Robert Lefkowitz,


Tell the truth

There’s a quote that takes up its own wall at the American Museum of Natural History: “It’s more important to tell the truth about the president, pleasant or unpleasant, than about anyone else.”

The words were written, in fact, by a president: Theodore Roosevelt

Bob Loring, Miami