Letters to the Editor

Kudos to the Herald

Kudos to the Herald

Just wanted to say thank you because we all know that Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest in New York is a direct result of the incredible work done by the Miami Herald.

Your work is earth shattering. The mighty shall fall, thanks to you!

Sharon Lawrence,

San Marcos, TX

Epstein story

The positive aspect of the Jeffrey Epstein story is that America is finally no longer turning a blind eye to the issue of sex trafficking. As demonstrated by Epstein, this despicable level of power and control to coerce and destroy a child’s destiny must be brought to the light and the ringleaders must be exposed!

The sexual abuse and exploitation of vulnerable women and children has always occurred, but it is time for us to rescue and restore the lives of the precious, vulnerable young girls and women who are being sold for sex at least 15-40 times a day.

We at Selah Freedom are proud to work tirelessly to help the survivors of these crimes. Their cries of pain are finally being heard. Bravo!

Elizabeth Melendez Fisher,

co-founder, president/CEO,

Selah Way Foundation/Selah Freedom,


Acosta’s duty

Why did then U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Alexander Acosta, give Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart deal for raping teenage girls?

The reason is obvious.

Epstein’s lawyer, Ken Starr, and Acosta, came from the same law firm, Kirkland & Ellis. Ethically, Acosta had a duty to make this disclosure to the judge, who would have smelled a rat.

I was shocked that during the Senate hearing to confirm Acosta as U.S. Secretary of Labor, no one raised this conflict of interest.

Thomas M. Gallen,

retired circuit judge,


Real monsters

I commend the Miami Herald and its continued investigation and coverage of Jeffrey Epstein. The entire situation is so deeply disturbing.

It is reprehensible that Epstein and his buddies have been allowed to victimize the most vulnerable, young girls.

How can we believe in a system that gave this monster 13 months in jail and immunity to his co-conspirators?

Our world needs individuals and institutions that never let up on the monsters among us. I consider the Miami Herald to be such an institution.

Please continue the investigation and reporting on this matter. The only way they will be stopped is if they are all revealed and punished.

Melanie Horsman,

Toronto, Canada

Rich boy network

Multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was just arrested once again of having sex with underage girls, is another example of the rich and powerful getting lenient punishment in our criminal justice system. What counts for people like him is not what crimes may have been committed, but who they know, especially friends in high places.

A sexual predator like him should have received severe punishment long ago, but because of his connections, such as with some U.S. presidents, he has either escaped punishment or gotten extremely light punishment.

No wonder people have lost faith in our criminal justice system, as it is heavily stacked in favor of the wealthy and powerful, as if it is their own little private club.

Kenneth L. Zimmerman,

Huntington Beach, CA

Kudos to reporter

I’ve been following news of Jeffrey Epstein for a while, mostly with dismay that this criminal is loose among us and justice did not visit him to the full extent of his heinous acts.

I thank Miami Herald reporter Julie K. Brown, who brought attention to this unresolved case. Epstein is now in custody and will face the consequences of his actions.

I’ve added Brown to my short list of heroes. I send her my deepest gratitude.

Neissan Saber,

Milwaukie, OR

Justice this time

Just a note of appreciation and congratulations on the work of the Miami Herald regarding the horrible Epstein case, including investigative reporter Julie K. Brown’s work.

Here’s hoping that a lot more people, including Alex Acosta, spend a lot of time in jail and finally face justice.

And I look forward to more great reporting on sexual-violence issues.

Vera Britto,


Santa Catarina, Brazil

Into the light

Reporter Julie K. Brown is truly courageous and a hero. In this period of lies and alternative facts, she is a beacon of light.

Marsha Neumann,

Bartlett, IL

Greasy palms

If you have money, you can have it your way.

Trump, Acosta and Epstein call this justice?

What has become of our laws, our courts and our love for truth?

Loralee Buchanan,


Fearless reporting

A very sincere thank you to reporter Julie Brown and the Miami Herald for the excellent work regarding Jeffrey Epstein.

Without your tireless efforts to expose this perversion of justice, I fear Epstein would not be held to account for his crimes.

Equal justice under the law.

A vital premise of our country has, in part, been helped by your good work.

Paul D. Vesely,

Holmdel, NJ

Solid reporting

Today, I am especially grateful for investigative journalists.

The free press never has been, nor will it ever be an “enemy of the people.” The enemies of the people are those such as Jeffrey Epstein and demagogues fearing exposure of their lies and deceit.

The free press keeps us free and must be defended from attacks intended to impede their performance. Trump fears the free press because he is a liar and a deceiver and fears exposure for the fraud he is.

The truth is beginning to come out on the deceiver of men and will expel him from office in disgrace and possibly to prison as well.

Thank you, Miami Herald and investigative journalists around the globe.

Homer Maxwell,

Euharlee, GA

Good work!

Wonderful reporting on Jeffrey Epstein. Thank you and bravo.

Christine Kyprianides Potter,

Traverse City, MI

Team effort

Thank you for supporting the team that broke the Jeffrey Epstein story. Tremendous work by the reporters and organization overall.

Jocelyn Serio-Miller,

Weston, MA

Bringing to light

I thank the Miami Herald for staying on the Epstein story. It matters in many ways to many people.

Thank you for not giving up for all of the abused women — they wouldn’t have had as much visibility without you.

Tracy Darby,

Independence, MO