Letters to the Editor

Debating what’s free

The Democratic candidates’ concept of free education, free health care, free child care, is deceptive and devoid of substance. Aren’t these the types of promises that were made in Venezuela and Cuba? That did not work out so well.

There is no such thing as free. Someone has to pay. It is just a matter of who, how and when. The Democrats’ general statements, that the top one percent and corporations will pay, are insufficient. The top one percent and the corporations will simply either pass on the costs to the general public or go to other countries that will give them better deals.

Democratic candidates need to do better. They need to stop touting empty promises. Voters need to hear realistic policies with realistic funding plans.

Democrats and Republicans alike need to stop creating policies that escalate the national debt.

Fleta Stamen,

Coconut Grove

Trump kept promises

President Trump’s 2016 campaign naysayers included many within his party. Why would a successful businessman relinquish an empire to establish a change in our nation’s capital? How could he sacrifice so much time with his beloved family? Donald Trump knew he was the outsider to facilitate change.

As a cold rain fell onto Capitol Hill during a blustery morning in January 2017, his foes knew that the coming changes would bring sunshine into America’s future.

Our 45th president may have made some mistakes. But he kept his campaign promises and our nation reaped the fruit with a booming economy. It took an outsider to make America great again. And it’s going to take the same outsider to make America even greater.

Gregory Ciuffreda,


Ultra’s return

Dear Miami Commissioners, I hope you support the Ultra Music Festival's return to Bayfront Park. Miami needs a wow factor, to transcend the mundane disaffected neighborhood image that compromise our community.

Gary Fox,


Art breaks code

Re the June 26 story, “City removes art from multimillion-dollar home amid fight over code violations:” Code violations in Miami Beach are so common and uncontrolled that singling out the Meruelos for their classy art outside their house is a complete sham. Mayor Dan Gelber states that, “No one can flout our laws and our ordinances.”

Just take a look at the various properties around Miami Beach with unkempt yards, boat trailers, commercial vehicles, garbage and construction without permits and you will see that code compliance here is a joke.

Concentrate on those issues first before damning those who have the resources to add artwork to improve their properties.

Shame on you, Miami Beach!

Jeremy Hyne,

Miami Beach

Poor influencers

Every few weeks, the Miami Herald publishes an article about what the Florida Influencers think: Another article about the concerns of the one-percenters.

How about a panel of residents who don’t know how they can afford a house, health insurance, college and everyday expenses?

Art Young,

West Kendall

A tough spot

President Trump has put a ban on American telecommunications firms from installing Huawei 5G technology equipment, lobbying our allies to boycott the use of this technology.

While our allies are supporting the ban, Trump’s closest ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin, signed an agreement with the Chinese president to build Russia’s first 5G wireless network. I guess his other close ally, North Korea, will be next.

Boy, is he tough on Russia.

Mario Signorello,

Miami Springs

It’s a scam

Re the June 25 letter, “Taking reservations:” I wonder who got paid off for the no-bid contract to house those poor immigrant children in Homestead.

Let’s call it for what this really is: Fraud!

Lolly Fiore,


Russian warships

Why doesn’t President Trump invite Vladimir Putin to have his warships do shore leave in Miami-Lauderdale instead of Havana? They could lounge on our beaches and take the Virgin Brightline to Disney World soon. Who would want to nuke Mickey Mouse?

Trade is the solution to conflict.

Joe Mazzarese,

Miami Beach

Nuñez disappoints

I was deeply disappointed at Jeanette Nuñez’s June 25 OpEd, “Florida’s Latinos have prospered under President Trump’s leadership.”

I used to cooperate with her when she was a state representative and fought the MDX and its hunger for tolls. Back then, I found her to be truthful, informed about the issues and had a real interest in helping the community against this unfair burden.

As lieutenant governor under Gov. Ron DeSantis, I hoped she would be a neutralizing influence on an otherwise ultra-right DeSantis and his Trumpian admiration. It turns out I was wrong.

How dare she say that Latinos should support Trump in 2020? All Trump has ever done for Latinos is dump on them like he disrespectfully dumped paper towels on Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria. None of the promises made have been kept by this president or his regime.

For that reason, Latinos should read her article, then vote exactly the opposite as she suggests.

To Latinos I say, voting for Trump is voting against not only the best interest of America, but selfishly against your best interest.

Herman Irizarry,

West Kendall

Cabin fever

The Oxford Dictionary defines a concentration camp as a place where large numbers of people, especially political prisoners or members of persecuted minorities, are deliberately imprisoned in a relatively small area with inadequate facilities, sometimes to provide forced labor or to await mass execution.

Seven kids are dead so far. And no one seems to know why these immigrant kids are being held for a time longer than was intended. There are now outbreaks of diseases and we were told that the food being given is not sufficient nor is it healthy.

Kids don’t have soap and toothpaste, are not being properly showered, and are given only one hour of time for exercise each day.

Americans, we now have no reason to think that we are above what Germany did 80 years ago. The difference is that we are wealthy.

Jeff Haller,

Cutler Bay