Letters to the Editor

‘Old’ candidates, please!

Older voters will constitute a larger share of the voters in the 2020 presidential election than ever before. Cut out the “old man” and “old lady” jokes on TV.

Stop calling Joe Biden “old.” Snarkiness is your enemy.

We fought in the streets for racial, sexual and gender equality. We raged against the war in Vietnam while honoring those who fought there.

We don’t like Trump, but we don’t take kindly to being disrespected by age discrimination.

Jane Hart Marter,

Duck Key

Limited scope

Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez’s June 25 OpEd, “Florida’s Latinos have prospered under President Trump’s leadership” was extremely selfish and one-sided. She showed that her main concern is the Hispanic community. There was no empathy for those of us who are non-Hispanic. Her job is to serve all the people of Florida and promote inclusion.

Her endorsement of Donald Trump’s divisive policies is very concerning. She is clearly going along with name-calling, racism and sexism. It appears that she has no concern for those who are targets of the Trump administration’s mean-spirited policies.

Herbert Mahone,

Pembroke Pines

Odebrecht corruption

It's truly amazing that it is journalists who are doing a real investigation into the massive web of corruption perpetrated by Odebrecht. But it is not surprising.

The law enforcement and justice systems of the countries involved are part of the web — the fox guarding the chicken coop — as their citizens are being ripped off. Perhaps the journalists should have a look at Odebrecht’s American website, and at the projects they have done here.

Katherine Newman,

Coral Gables

We’ve sunk so low

When the sad and horrendous conditions at Border Patrol centers necessitate 22 United States senators to request the International Committee of the Red Cross to investigate, it is truly a stain on the United States. To think or even imagine, that the United States — the beacon of freedom and equality — has stooped to this level, is abhorrent.

There should be a national campaign to send toothbrushes to the White House. Maybe then the message will get the attention of the Executive Branch. Unfortunately, I do not have much faith that the humane treatment of migrants and facilities that house them will ever be a part of this president’s agenda.

Lois Kahn,

Coral Gables

Climate reporting

Re the June 26 story, “Florida newsrooms will partner to report on the state’s biggest threat — climate change:” In a time when climate change looms, newsrooms around the country ignore it in favor of political drama that amounts essentially to entertainment. The house is on fire and we’re playing ping-pong in the basement. Major kudos to the Miami Herald and your partners, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the Palm Beach Post, for sounding the alarm.

There’s still a lot we can do against climate change, but we don’t have much time left. A carbon fee and dividend system is one of the best ways to get an economy away from fossil fuels fast. It’s economist-approved and effective around the world already!

Solar and wind energies are being artificially stifled now, but they’re sources of good jobs that make fuel in America and can’t be outsourced. I hope you’ll report on all of these potential game-changers as you go forward with this exciting project. I know I’ll be an avid reader.

Anna Gooding-Call,

Salem, MA

Damaged lives

Those of us who recognize the multiple steps the Trump administration has taken to mindlessly reverse the progress toward a more just, healthy and peaceful America achieved by the Obama administration, know that the destruction we’re witnessing can be halted by electing a responsible American as our next president.

What every American must realize, however, is that there is nothing to be done to change the damage the administration has wrought upon the children of the refugees it has so inhumanely mistreated upon their arrival in America.

We can only imagine how that cruelty will underlie the attitudes and actions of those thousands as they grow into adulthood in or near the United States.

Jim Crowder,


Elián and detention

On Nov. 25, 1999, Elián Gonzalez was rescued in the waters off Fort Lauderdale. He was drifting alone in an inner tube;his mother had drowned during their tragic journey to the U.S. from Cuba. I was a teacher at Miami Senior High and Elián’s family lived only a few blocks away from the school. I remember the sounds of helicopters and the convocation of the media descending upon the home.

As a journalism teacher, my students and I made sure we were witnesses, and walked to the family home to report on the story.

After Elián was sent back to Cuba with his father, there were mass walk-outs in schools around the county and country. Regardless of the disparate views on this tragedy, one important fact remains to this day: Elián was always cared for by family members.

Today, we have children who have been separated from their families and placed in for-profit detention centers in Homestead and around the country. Furthermore, in a disgraceful display of inhumanity, the administration recently argued in front of a panel of incredulous judges that the children aren’t even entitled to soap or toothbrushes!

Where’s the outrage, Miami? Shame on us; shame on our country. These children are all Elián.

Nancy Dunn,


The finger of blame

At a press conference on June 26, the president blamed the Democrats alone for illegal aliens crossing the southern border, saying, in effect, that Democrats could close the loopholes, reform asylum leniency and end the flow of illegal immigrants in one hour if they wanted.

But didn’t the president and his Republican congress have two years to reform immigration laws that he now claims Democrats could change in one hour? He should only blame himself.

Jay Arnold,

Coral Gables

A tough spot

President Trump has put a ban on American telecommunications firms from installing Huawei 5G technology equipment, lobbying our allies to boycott the use of this technology.

While our allies are supporting the ban, Trump’s closest ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin, signed an agreement with the Chinese president to build Russia’s first 5G wireless network. I guess his other close ally, North Korea, will be next.

Boy, is he tough on Russia.

Mario Signorello,

Miami Springs

It’s a scam

Re the June 25 letter, “Taking reservations:” I wonder who got paid off for the no-bid contract to house those poor immigrant children in Homestead. Let’s call it for what this really is: Fraud!

Lolly Fiore,