Letters to the Editor

Historic windows

I was surprised — and disappointed — to read the article by Andres Viglucci about Miami-Dade County Public Schools' unwillingness to preserve the historic windows in Coral Gables Elementary School.

The Florida Trust for Historic Preservation just held its annual statewide conference in Miami, bringing hundreds of architects, planners and preservationists to tour, discuss and learn from MIami's historic places and policies. One of the many workshops included a panel on restoring and preserving historic windows.

Ironically, our Awards Ceremony was held in the magnificent Miami Senior High School Auditorium — and the Miami-Dade County Public School System received a prestigious Florida Trust Preservation Award for its outstanding restoration of Miami Senior High School.

Surely every historic school deserves to be loved and respectfully renovated for the unique heritage and character it brings to its students and to the community.

Becky Roper Matkov

Conference Co-Chairman, Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, Miami