Letters to the Editor

Rewriting the past

I was a legislative aide in Tallahassee when Charlie Crist was the Republican governor of Florida. During his tenure he voted in opposition to everything that he stands for today.

He voted against marriage equality, because back then he was Mr. Traditional Marriage. He was also Super Mr. Pro-Life. He never cared about healthcare for women or minorities or Medicaid.

You couldn’t get him to even come close to speaking about medical marijuana or any of the other issues that he is so passionate about today.

So I ask my Democratic friends, what assurances do you have that he will not flip on these issues once he is in office, or change parties again in the future should the political wind push him back to the Republican Party?

Crist’s campaign is a page right out of 1984, in which there is that great government organ, The Ministry of Truth, which was responsible for all historical revisionism. There is no Ministry of Truth in real life, and Crist cannot rewrite the past to conform to the present.

Arthur Arnau, Coral Gables