Letters to the Editor

Sanders a true liberal

Most of my friends would describe themselves as liberals.

They were opposed to the disastrous Iraq war. They believe that access to healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

They also believe that a woman has domain over her body; that people have the right to marry whomever they chose; that the minimum wage should afford workers a life free from poverty; that our children deserve a free public college education financed by transaction taxes levied on Wall Street traders; that climate change is being exacerbated by our burning of fossil fuels and clearing of forests; that workers are entitled to the unhindered right to bargain collectively; that bad trade deals have cost American jobs and increased our trade deficits; that wage and wealth disparity must be confronted; that corporations are not people; and that unrestricted campaign contributions from corporations and the super wealthy are corrupting our political system.

Sen. Bernie Sanders is the presidential candidate who has, and does, support all the positions cited above.

When I ask my friends if they’re supporting Sanders for president, they tell me no: “He can’t get the campaign money from corporations, Wall Street, and the super wealthy needed to win the election,” they say.

I don’t get it.

Gary Waters, Cooper City