Letters to the Editor

Legislature must pass drinking water protection bill

Drinking Water in Public Schools (Senate Bill 66) is a Florida state bill enacted because of the documented adverse effect lead can have on the development of school age children.

Several schools tested in a school district in Tampa had lead levels higher than the minimum level allowed by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), even though there is no safe level of lead in blood in children, according to the Center for Disease Prevention (CDP).

A more shocking revelation is that the Department of Education and the EPA do not have the means to test for the presence of lead and there is not a federal policy requirement to test the water in schools.

A survey conducted by the government had found lead in drinking water, especially in schools built before 1986, due to pipe corrosion, and a great potential for lead poisoning.

As health care providers and parents, it is our responsibility to provide our kids the best future; we all agree our kids’ water must be tested for any trace of lead.

Lead in water can be the cause of severe and permanent harm to the brain and nervous system in school age children.

Moreover, it can cause problems in behavior and learning abilities, ADHD and decreased intelligence levels, and anemia and stunted growth. SB 66 ensures that our kids’ water is safe to drink.

We think this bill ought to be supported because it is grounded on sound scientific evidence.

Lead, indeed, is the cause of significant health problems among not only children but also adults.

Thus, the bill will help significantly in reducing such health risks for our future generations.

Lidiana Dyer,

Maday Nuñez and three others,

Barry University,

Miami Shores