Letters to the Editor

Open the Venetian Causeway

Miami-Dade’s decision not to expedite the repairs on the Venetian Causeway creates enormous problems for residents of the Venetian Islands and Miami Beach.

Also of significant importance, the closing will create severe difficulties for the many thousands who will be visiting Miami Beach in December for the annual Art Basel Miami Beach Fair. It is recognized that this art fair is equivalent to having a Super Bowl in Miami each and every year, at no taxpayer expense.

Incredibly, the county has no problem doling out millions of dollars to private, for-profit developers while caring little about the needs of the residents of our community and the many visitors attending events in Miami Beach.

I urge the mayor to reconsider his decision and do all that is necessary to reopen the Venetian Causeway no later than Dec. 1.

Norman Braman, chair, Art Basel host committee, Miami