Letters to the Editor

Rigid homeless policy

The Homeless Trust’s position on bathrooms and mats for the homeless is too inflexible.

Having once worked for Carrfour Supportive Housing (the largest provider of supportive housing for the homeless in Florida) I understand and believe that the best solution to our homeless problem is through the continuum of care developed by the Homeless Trust.

However, does that mean that the homeless who are not currently “in the system” deserve to have nothing to eat, nowhere to use a bathroom or have no safe place to sleep?

Certainly if we are treating the homeless humanely we should provide for these basic needs to sustain life and dignity and then work hard to get them into the homeless system.

In the end, Constance Collins, president of Lotus House, is correct: We know how to end homelessness, we just lack the political will to provide sufficient resources to do so.

Doug Mayer, president,

Stone Soup Development, Miami