Letters to the Editor

Florida masons should break ties with Cuba

The history of the Communist Party in Cuba, its infiltration and penetration to demoralize and destroy the integrity of the Cuban diaspora, has always targeted the Masonic fraternity in exile.

Since its foundation in 1859 until 1959, Masonry has been the light and guide of the foundation of Cuban nationality, always void of hatred, revenge, or disdain for its nation and fellow countrymen.

I now watch with sadness as the Great Lodge of Florida, turn its back to so many Masons who have lost their lives in communist prisons and to firing squads in Cuba.

By establishing a relationship with the leadership of Masonry in Cuba while unaware of the Cuban state security penetration of the U.S. fraternity, you are opening the door to them and their nefarious influence.

Innumerable top officials are recruited by the Cuban Intelligence Department to infiltrate organizations with the only purpose to divide much like it is currently happening in our fraternity.

The Cuban Communist Party diligently and strategically continues to exert influence in external political decisions that will solely benefit Cuba and its Communist Party.

I will always take a militant, unbending stance against Cuba’s communist infiltration and I hereby, respectfully request that the Great Florida Lodge sever all ties with the Masonic institutions in Cuba.

I ask this not because of its soldiers but rather its leaders, who serve the enemies of this country and the rest of Latin America, much like Venezuela is experiencing right now.

These are extremely dangerous times, and only those who are prepared to detect treacherous intentions will survive the harm they are capable of inflicting.

I lend my voice to those who can no longer speak.

Gustavo Leon,

Cuban-American Mason