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Bovo: Traffic and toll relief for Miami-Dade

Do you know where your toll money goes?

Find out where your money goes every time you pass a toll.
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Find out where your money goes every time you pass a toll.

The situation residents are facing on Miami-Dade County roads is unacceptable. Faced with constant gridlock and never-ending tolls, they are deservedly upset. It is irrefutable that our quality of life has diminished due to long hours on our expressways. Frustration among residents grows as they are forced to pay more in tolls without seeing the results they were promised.

The Miami-Dade Expressway Authority, created by the state legislature in 1992, has failed to meet its obligation under law by ignoring mandated toll relief and financial transparency.

We have an opportunity to improve our transportation system and provide toll relief. The proposed law in Tallahassee will ensure local control, freeze toll increases for an extended period, and institute the Florida Sunshine Rebate Program.

Since elected to the county commission in 2011, I have introduced and passed legislation that prioritizes corridors, creates free ride programs, established ride-share, new zoning along transit lines to help establish density and increase ridership, and transportation funding options that don’t require increases in taxes.

The Greater Miami Expressway Authority (GMEA) can assist our efforts to make mobility options a reality. However, more needs to be done to create transportation options for all our county residents.

I will work diligently with the GMEA to make certain the Kendall Parkway we recently initiated becomes a reality. The new law does nothing to hinder this effort. Our neighbors in Southwest Miami-Dade deserve this corridor for traffic relief. It’s time for my fellow officials, and our entire community, to unify in support of Senate Bill 898. Miami-Dade’s residents and commuters deserve relief from excessive tolls.

Esteban “Steve” Bovo, Jr.,


Miami-Dade County