Letters to the Editor

Vote for civility and ethics for better local governments

There are many important municipal elections scheduled this year throughout Miami-Dade County. The impact of those elections on local residents spans across many issues, like personal safety and security, taxation, and neighborhood recareation programs.

Because these issues often affect the quality of residential life and the delivery of municipal public services, residents should take more than passing interest in who their candidates are and what they stand for. It is most important for all of us to become informed and vote.

Campaign tactics used by candidates most often indicate how they will conduct themselves if elected. Consequently, residents should avoid supporting those who adopt smear campaigns, grandstanding, intimidation, and fear-mongering. All citizens should recognize that while we have far less power to influence the intense partisanship, polarization and animosity that distastefully characterize our national and state elections, we do, however, have influence in local elections.

Local issues are not partisan and we should resist supporting candidates who flaunt party affiliation, or who are publicly supported by a political party. City charters specify that local elections are nonpartisan and we should support candidates who have outstanding credentials, judgment, and experience. If we elect competent, ethical leaders, they are best poised to move projects and issues forward that enhance the lives of residents. Good public servants bring good government with integrity.

We should all strive to protect our communities and neighborhoods by taking the time and interest to become informed and by voting in our local elections.