Letters to the Editor

Flagstone subsidy

Kudos to Marty Margulies for alerting Miami residents to the city’s shenanigans with CRA scams in his May 27 letter, Use CRA for homeless. Diverting funds dedicated to the homeless in favor of millionaires who feed off government largesse doesn’t stop there, though.

A jewel in the crown of City Commissiner Marc Sarnoff’s taxpayer subsidies to benefit billionaires is Flagstone’s Watson Island project.

Here he leads the way in handing over public waterfront space to a private developer to accommodate 200-foot megayachts, five-star hotels and a traffic-strangling shopping center.

While the one-tenth of the 1 percent bask on the decks of their yachts, the rest of us are left with the consequences of these giveaways — homelessness, broken communities and traffic.

The more these CRA transfers and hidden taxpayer subsidies are seen by voters, perhaps they will throw out the elected officials — and not elect their wives — who live high off private developers’ donations while picking the public’s pocket.

Roger Craver, president, Coalition Against Causeway Chaos, Miami