Letters to the Editor

The ‘beautiful game’

Soccer is called the beautiful game. Last week in Switzerland, the U.S. Justice Department indicted 14 members of the soccer organization FIFA on corruption charges including bribery and fraud. The Justice Department indicted based on the broad reach of tax and banking regulations.

The United States intends to prosecute members of FIFA for corruption for accepting bribes from foreign countries seeking to host the World Cup. Soccer is a sport that many enjoy, but is has no real relevant implications or consequences in everyday lives. So a few greedy people profited by granting the World Cup to Qatar and Russia — countries better known for human-rights violations than soccer.

The indictments against FIFA make me wonder why no bankers or hedge-fund managers were indicted after the financial crisis in 2008? The financial crisis had a much greater impact on American society. It destroyed the global economy and had significant consequences for many Americans.

Millions lost their jobs, homes and life savings because of the greed of a few powerful people treating the stock market as their own beautiful game.

Colin Elias, Fort Lauderdale