Letters to the Editor

Legalize drugs

The War on Drugs has proven to be ineffective in achieving its goal, which is to reduce the supply and demand for illegal drugs. On the contrary, this war has contributed to an increase in the levels of corruption and violence in the past decades.

It has been said that legalization could result in a public health disaster because it would dramatically increase the number of addicts. Assuming the number of addicts increases, legalization would result in a large amount of government savings by not having to fight crimes related to illegal drug activities, and it would also result in a large amount of government revenue as a result of taxes on the new legalized drugs.

This significant amount of new resources at the government’s disposal should be enough to help addicts and educate people about the negative consequences of drug abuse. It would make society more conscious about individual responsibility.

Legalizing drugs is worth it because the rewards can greatly outweigh the risks of maintaining the status quo.

Christiam Cardenas, Miami