Letters to the Editor

Ice cream’s name is fitting

Of all companies to call out for poor social behavior, Ben & Jerry’s should be last on the list. It is shocking to read the Sept. 19 article Ben & Jerry’s may rename ‘Hazed & Confused’ after complaints. No matter how offended Lianne and Brian Kowiak are, to repudiate a company that has taken a stand for gay marriage and helped make others aware of climate change effectively, is not appropriate. The Kowiaks need to chill out with their concerns of this ice cream flavor’s name, no pun intended.

If it isn’t enough for this multimillion-dollar company to respond and publicly attend to the concerns of the three e-mails they received, Lianne Kowiak now has the gall to request the flavor be changed to honor her son. However, I think Hazed & Confused should stay and honor its original purpose to bring back Led Zeppelin’s legacy in a clever play on words.

Ben Mancini, Hollywood