Letters to the Editor

Preparing students

Florida's economic future is linked to having higher, and better, educated students and graduates eligible for the jobs of the futur.

Now, as the Florida Legislature prepares for the special session to set the 2015-2016 fiscal year budget, I feel compelled to remind our legislators and citizens that record per-pupil funding must be a priority.

As a former superintendent of schools, and now vice-chair of the State Board of Education, I continue to have one focus for all our 2.7 million students: Can you be ready to get a job and earn a living, or be qualified for higher education ?

With modest funding in recent years, Florida’s students have leaped over those in many other states that spend more per-pupil. This accomplishment is recognized nationally.

I call on our legislators, during this special session, to invest in Florida’s economic future by advancing the per-pupil funding to record levels to guarantee our collective futures.

John R. Padget, vice-chair, Florida State Board of Education, Tallahassee