Letters to the Editor

Expand Medicaid

I’m pleased with CMS’ approach to LIP funding. Having worked with CMS to come to an agreeable solution that prioritizes the health of Floridians, I’m encouraged that they listened to the needs of my constituents.

I represent Jackson Health Systems and Broward Health, whose ability to serve patients in greatest need would suffer immensely at the loss of these funds. CMS’ solution will prevent years of litigation that will ultimately bog down the assignment of healthcare needs for many years.

The continuance of LIP funding is a temporary solution to a long-term problem: We need a sustainable way to compensate the cost of healthcare for the underserved.

Florida has a simple solution — state officials must accept Medicaid expansion dollars. The well-being of Florida’s families should be our primary responsibility, not politics.

LIP is a bandage on a gaping wound of healthcare needs. The only vehicle that can heal the wound is Medicaid expansion. The Legislature has time to do the right thing.

Frederica S. Wilson, representative, U.S. Congress, District 24, Miami