Letters to the Editor

End prison abuses

Floridians would still be in the dark if it weren’t for the Herald’s series on inmate abuse and suspicious deaths in Florida’s Department of Corrections. It has uncovered several levels of mismanagement and corruption. Stories have detailed of the horrific torture and death of a mentally ill inmate, Darren Rainey, in the Dade Correctional Institution more than two years ago. But the investigation still hasn’t been completed, and no one has been charged.

The Rainey case has now attracted national attention. A petition by Stop Prison Abuse Now asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate Rainey’s death has generated more than 203,000 signatures.

In the Sept. 21 article The prison enforcer, we’ve learned that abusive treatment, even torture of inmates, is regularly sanctioned by prison supervisors. DOC Secretary Michael Crews has finally responded by firing abusive corrections employees and promising reform. I hope that all those responsible are brought to justice and real reform is realized.

Amy McClellan, Miami Shores